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Previous Projects

February 2019

This Siberian Elm table was one of a kind. The customer was so excited he carved his name in it. These slabs were destined for firewood, but instead, we salvaged the log!.

February 2019

We are estatic to show off this finished product! A special feature of this beautiful oak table is that the wood was actually partially decayed, and with the epoxy we were able to stabilize and revitalize the wood to give it such a unique character! This is truly an example of giving wood another life!

December 2018

This beautiful custom walnut counter top with an oil finish ties this kitchen together as a central family gathering point.

January 2019

This project was designed by our customer's daughter, we helped her bring it to life with some cherry and walnut and a custom metal base!

November 2018


This special project was completed for a family church in New Jersey. It started with a Silver Maple tree in the urban canopy of Madison, WI, and was transformed into 4 mission style tables that now serve as a centerpiece for the Church's conference room.

We are always excited to take on unique, special projects, even long-distance!